Free and bound Insulin immunoradiometric assay kit RIA

The BI-INS-IRMA kit is an immunoradiometric assay used on serum or EDTA or heparined plasma samples for a sensitive and specific measure of human insulin.
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Diagnosis diabetes mellitus

Detect diabetes mellitus before clinical onset

Monitor metabolic control in diabetic patients

Use as prognosis factor for the risk of coronary incident

Diagnose insulinoma



Assay principle: sandwich

Two anti-insulin monoclonal antibodies are used to form a sandwich. The first monoclonal antibody is adsorbed onto the tube walls, while the second is radiolabelled with iodine-125.

Two alternative assay procedures:

1- measurement of immunoreactive insulin (free insulin + insulin bound to anti-insulin antibodies): 2h at RT / shaking

2- measurement of free insulin: 15 min centrifugation + 2h at RT / shaking


Working range: 0 – 500 µIU/mL or 0 - 20 ng/mL (1st IRP 66/304)

Sample: serum or plasma - 50 µL

Analytical sensitivity: 0.2 µIU/mL (8 pg/mL)

Normal values

Range of basal insulin levels (n=68): 2 - 17 µUI/mL or 0.08 - 0.7 ng/mL

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